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Are you tired of finding a potential buyer that offers you worthwhile rates for your old, wrecked, junk, scrap, or accident car? Do you want reliable and quick car removing services for your car but cannot find one? Or maybe you are unsatisfied with the rates these companies offer for your car are much less than the actual cost.

Whatever the reason is, finding car removal services that not only offer worthwhile rates for the cars but as well hassle-free and quick services is undoubtedly not a piece of cake.

Top 10 Car Removals In Melbourne

But, nothing to worry about as we are here to help you. Here, we are enlisting Melbourne’s top 10 car removals for your old, scrap, junk, or irreparable car. Get the quotes from them, compare them and choose the one that offers the highest rates.

So, without further discussion, let’s jump straight to our first company.

1. VIC Recyclers:


Address: 13 Elliott Rd, Dandenong South, VIC, 3175

Contact: 0409-526-398

VIC Recyclers are leading car wreckers in Melbourne, offering high-quality, quick, and hassle-free car removal services for over a decade. Having a team of expert and skilled wreckers and staff members, VIC Recyclers is pretty famous for its exceptional and up-to-the-mark services. From complimentary pickup of the vehicle anywhere in Melbourne to complete documentation and on-spot payment, VIC Recyclers continues to lead the charts regarding reliable car removals in Melbourne.

2. Used Car Buers:


Address: Melbourne, Victoria

Contact: 0402 956 608

Used Car Buyers offers the best prices for your old, scrap, junk, wrecked, damaged, irreparable, or accident cars. Whether you have a car, SUV, truck, or bus, as long as your vehicle’s location is in Melbourne, Used Car Buyers can help you get rid of your car with their same-day reliable services. Just call or request an online quote for your vehicle on their website and get your work done quickly as they are available 24/7.

3. Melborune Cash For Cars:


Address: Melbourne, Victoria

Contact: 0417-676-006

Whether your car gets into an accident and becomes unworthy for roads or its repair price exceeds its actual worth, and you plan to sell it, Melbourne Cash for Cars offers same-day free pickup services for such vehicles. With their professional and quick services, Melbourne Cash for Cars offers free evaluation and inspection of the vehicle. If you accept the offer, you can get your car towed the same day with on-spot payment as well as complete documentation.

4. It Matters To you:


Address: Melbourne, Victoria

Contact: 1300-365-221

It matters to you recyclers is famous for its high rates for cars’ metallic scrap. Whether you have a car rusting in your garage or an old model whose spare parts are impossible to find in the market, It matters to you recyclers can offer the best prices for your vehicle. Having no hidden charges, they offer same-day quick car removal services in Melbourne along with complete documentation.

5. We Buy Cars For Cash:


Address: East Melbourne 3002

Contact: 0452-551-566

We Buy Cash For Cars, offering up to $9,999 for old and junk vehicles, regardless of their models, manufacturing year, or condition, are famous for their qualitative services throughout Melbourne. So, if you have a car with significant financial problems or worries due to the ownership transfer of the vehicle, they have a team of experts who will help you in such situations.

6. Jolly’s Auto Parts:


Address: Dandenong, Ringwood and Geelong

Contact: 03-8763-4160

Jolly auto parts offers removal services for the people of Melbourne and surrounding areas for junk, scrap, wrecked, accident, damaged, old and unwanted vehicles. You can get a quote for your vehicle by filling in a form on their website by dialing on contact number. Having a team of highly-experienced and expert wreckers, Jolly auto parts will take maximum efforts to complete the process of car removal effectively.

7. Auto Wreckers:


Address: 1602, Center road, Springvale, Victoria 3171

Contact: 03-954-773-77

Specialized in dealing with unregistered and unworthy road vehicles, Auto Wreckers deals with every kind and condition of cars with same-day pickup services and instant on-spot payment policies as well as free complete documentation. Offering the highest pays for old, wrecked, and damaged cars, Auto Wreckers recycles the functional and reparable spare parts of the bought cars and recycle the metallic scrap left behind.   

8. A Fresh Metals:


Address: 21-39, Buchanan road, Brooklyn, Victoria, 3012

Contact: 0404-001-160

Afresh metals can pay the market’s highest rates for your old, wrecked, scrap vehicles. Once you get a quote from their online form or by contacting through their number, you can schedule the free pick up of the vehicle within an hour as well as instant payment. Afresh metals, not only in car removal but also in selling spare parts, offers services throughout Melbourne and surrounding areas.

9. ARK Car Removals:


Address: Dandenong VIC 3175


Whether you want to sell your truck, car, van, 4×4, or UTE, as long as you want to have its worthwhile rates hassle-free, ARK Car Removals can be your best choice. You can get a quick of your car within two minutes of dialing their contact number. And if you accept the offer, their skilled staff member will schedule timings for the free pick up of the vehicles from your location, which can be anywhere in Melbourne.

10. Pick-a-part:


Address: 50 Fussell Rd, Kilsyth VIC 3137

Contact: 9728-3855

Having experience in the automobile industry for more than a decade, Pick-a-part is one of the leading car removal firms in Melbourne. Having two offices in Melbouen, pick-a-part’s experience and expert staff servers its sellers with exceptional and up-to-the-mark services, regardless of their model, manufacturing year, or condition.

The Final Words:

So, this is the end. Before we wrap our article and put an end to our discussion, let’s do a little recap. Our first choice, VIC Recyclers, is a complete package for your car. From the evaluation of rates to complete legal documentation, they can be your ultimate car-removing partner in Melbourne. Our second car removal company, Used Car Parts, can offer you the best rates for your old, wrecked, junk car, while the third choice, Melbourne Cash For Cars, is the best if you want quick and hassle-free services.

However, the car removing company in Melbourne you choose, make sure that you compare the estimated rates of your car before selling it and ensure that they provide you complete legal documentation and free pick up as well.

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